Summer Trend Buying Guide

In this 12 page catalog, we have created a guide for the hottest trends and must-haves for this season.

Here is a brief overview of the trends that we see happening this Summer and why :

  • Zoom Essentials: As more and more people are doing virtual meetings, we put together an assortment that includes some more business casual options.
  • Socially Distanced Activities: This page includes products geared towards socially distanced activities/sports – golf, running, and tennis.
  • Hiking + Camping: We are seeing a significant increase in any outdoor activity-related products – specifically hiking and camping. These are the essentials for those outdoor, social distancing days.
  • Bundles:  We have created the most popular items that compliment each other and bundled them together. Each bundle includes a hat, bag, shirt, and a mask. 
  • Color Trends: These colors are the most popular and hottest trends right now.  It's a must-see to know where things are going for your brand, club, school or organization.

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