Direct To Garment


When looking for a small batch of custom shirts in Murfreesboro. Our DTG process is the way to go.

How DTG Works?

DTG means Direct To Garment.  It’s a method of printing directly onto a medium (usually t-shirts) without needed to create expensive and inefficient screens that were used in screen printing.

Because DTG prints right onto the fabric, there are no limits to your design.  Photos, multi-colored logos and text are all easy to print, with no set-up fees or delays.

DTG also uses eco-friendly inks, unlike screen printing.  The inks are very soft and don’t raise up off the cotton, but they wash exceptionally well and the color range is virtually unlimited.

DTG Pros

  • Full color printing
  • No minimums
  • Highest detail
  • Fast turn around
  • Lower upfront cost

DTG Cons

  • Higher ink cost per in large quantities
  • Less prints per hour
  • Not as durable as Screen Printing
  • 4 color print matching only

How Many Colors Can I Print?

16,000,000! But who's really counting.

There is honestly no limit to the number of colors you can print.  Our printing software supports millions of colors, and if your artwork includes millions of colors, that’s what you’ll get.

DTG isn’t efficient if you need 100 shirts with just 1 color printed (say, white), but if you have many colors, or many designs for a few shirts, DTG is perfect.

Also keep in mind that DTG doesn’t do well with very very solid white ink prints.  It’ll print fine, but it won’t be as thick and bright as a solid white ink screen print you may be familiar with.

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