DTG & Screen printing: What's the difference?

DTG & Screen printing: What's the difference?

June 15, 2017

Questions about printing options?
We've got you covered. Below we've outlined the advantages and disadvantages of 2 popular printing methods: direct-to-garment (DTG) and screen printing.

Screen printing
A process by which ink is pushed through a mesh stencil onto fabric, then pulled by a fill blade or squeegee

  • versatile placement for your design
  • cost effective for large batches 
  • volume discounts 
  • brighter colors retail quality

  • one design per batch 
  • not ideal for multiple colors 
  • can only print simple shape designs 
  • larger upfront investment 
  • limited color options 
  • no photographs
Direct-to-garment (DTG)
A process using speciality inks and inkjet technology to print directly onto fabric

  • available to be printed on demand 
  • 1-item minimum, ideal for smaller batches 
  • extensive color options 
  • accommodates maximum design detail 
  • minimum upfront investment 
  • prints photographs 

  • not cost-effective for larger batches 
  • limited placement for your designs 
  • limited volume discount

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